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Lately, especially with todays economy, we have been getting comments about our adoption fees and how we arrive at that figure. "Your fees are higher than if I bought from a breeder". "If you were really concerned about placing these dogs, you would ask a lower fee". "Why are your fees higher than a shelter"?? These questions are relevant and we understand. Let me share with you the answers to these questions. We are a non-profit, no kill rescue. For over 5 years, we have been committed to the never ending and sometimes overwhelming job of rescuing homeless schnauzers. We do not have a brick and mortar rescue. Each dog is placed into a loving and caring foster home until they can be adopted. Every member of SRC in Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan is a volunteer who gives their time unselfishly to save the lives of these dogs.

It is very important to remember that our fee includes the spay/neuter, all updated vaccinations, a dental when necessary,and a heartworm and fecal test. Therefore, our fee cannot be compared to that of a breeder or other rescue organizations. As a general rule, our dogs come to the adopter well socialized, partially or fully house trained, leash trained, and sometimes crate trained. The foster family knows the temperament and behavior of the dog very well, and we try our very best to match the dog to the best forever home. When you purchase from a puppy mill or breeder, there is a lot of expense in those first few years and you know very little about the personality of the dog.

The dollar amount that we charge for our adoption fee does not even come close to covering our vet bills. Many rescues only take in the healthy, young and "easy" dogs. Our motto of "No Schnauzer Left Behind" is just not mere words. We feel that each and every schnauzer is deserving of a forever home. Some of our rescues require expensive heartworm treatments, while some others require extensive surgeries. The veterinary needs of our schnauzers result in thousands of dollars per year, usually above what we charge in adoption fees. To supplement our medical fund, we rely on fund-raisers throughout the year and donations from volunteers, friends, family and past adopters.

Yes, you may be able to adopt a dog from a shelter at a lower price because they haven't spent any money on it and because shelters run on tax dollars. But the low fee at a shelter masks the number of dogs put down because they were sick or injured and only needed a little money and time.

We are in a difficult position. Today's economy has impacted people's ability to adopt or donate to our cause. We could lower our fees, but that requires us to be very selective in our rescue efforts. We know that adopting from SRC is not for everyone. The caring and loving people that adopt rescues see a bigger picture. It's about saving the life of an animal that may have been euthanized just for space at a shelter or not contributing to the vast pet overpopulation that is currently out of control.

There are many caring and kind people volunteering with SRC in ten states. We are not in this business to make a profit, we are here for the dogs. We know that you had a choice and we truly appreciate each and every one of our adopters, volunteers and supporters. Please spend a few minutes checking out our website to learn more about our dogs and our rescue efforts.

And in the meantime, please say a prayer for our rescued schnauzers and the compassionate volunteers who are working diligently to find them loving homes.