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Bentley Needs YOUR help!

For anyone not knowing his story, this is the 4.7lbs (full grown) 11 month old schnauzer in from Virginia. He had a fractured Ulna and radius from what we believe was falling off a bed. The family surrendered him, as they were going to put him down due to cost. 
But Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati took him in and gave him the medical care he needed! His medical expenses started at $4000.00!
We need YOUR help in making sure we can continue saving puppies like Bentley.
Please contribute!
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"SRC began in 2004 with our first rescue, Sarge. He was 9 years old and diabetic when we took him in. Not only was he our first rescue, but lovingly became our mascot as well. Sadly, we lost Sarge at the age of 13 in July 2008 to diabetes. He will always live in our hearts and his spirit keeps us strong and determined to leave no schnauzer left behind.

Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati was founded in November of 2004. I felt that there was a need for a rescue group that would take schnauzer mixes, regardless of their age or medical condition. Anyone can adopt out a young healthy dog, but, in my mind, the special needs and senior dogs need the most help. I have been fortunate enough to find our wonderful group of volunteers that have made us so successful. We all work hard and I think that our results show it. We currently have members in Ohio, Florida, Alabama, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, and West Virginia. Our goal is to help all of those that we can. We are proud to work with other rescue groups in our mission of saving dogs."
- Founding Director Pat Miller

Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati has created new videos to commemorate our lost fur-kids, and fellow rescues for each year.

2016 Commemorative Video

2015 Commemorative Video

2014 Commemorative Video

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