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I would like to invite everyone who can to attend this huge event. Each year more things are added. It is a great way to showcase our rescue and our adoptable schnauzer’s. You meet many rescue volunteers and shelter staff plus get a lot of free things for the furkids. It is April 18th and 19th, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm both days. Located in Ft. Wayne, Indiana at the Allen Co. Memorial Coliseum. For more information: You can bring your furbabie.
Hope to see you there, Kathy

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Frosty Needs Your Help!!!! Frosty

Meet Frosty another Schnauzer rescued by Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati/Florida via the Friends of Gallia County's Animals. You may have seen Frosty on a posting by Friends of Gallia County's Animals on January 13th on SRC’s Facebook page requesting help for a 10 year old Schnauzer who had been hit by a car.  His tibia is broken and both hips dislocated. He was in Gallia County, Ohio, a very poor rural area at the rescue vets but surgery will be around $600.00, far beyond the means of the FGCA rescue group. That posting started a chain of events; from SRC/F agreeing to take him, securing transport angels to transport him to Cincinnati and our rescue veterinarian, Dr Zeekoff, and finding a long term foster home for him to recuperate.

We had everything pulled together Tuesday night to bring him to Cincinnati on Thursday. Foster home lined up, appointment with Dr Zekoff, and transportation angels ready with their cars.  Then Wednesday morning I received a call from the rescue coordinator we needed to delay until Friday as technically his 72 hour hold wasn’t up until Friday morning. Could we make it happen on Friday?  Another round of emails and calls and Yes our driver was available on Friday, but Dr. Zekoff would only be able to exam him on Friday not do any surgery that day.  While this is going one of our supporters sent a donation for $600 to cover the costs of his surgery. Woo Hoo!!!

OK we are set, Team Frosty is in place!!!!!

Friday morning arrives we anxiously await the news – first text comes in from our driver – I have Frosty and we are on our way to Dr. Zeekoff’s.  Next text, Frosty is with Dr Z.  OK now the wait.  Then the phone call late Friday afternoon from Pat, Frosty is much worse than we anticipated and the hips are a real issue and require the expertise of an orthopedic veterinarian. After talking with Dr. Z, we are going to get` his surgery done at MedVet on Saturday. If we don't put a plate and a switch in, he will not be able to ever walk again. Pat made the decision to go ahead with it, even though the cost is going to be between 3-4000 dollars for the surgery. After that he will still need neutered, shots, and a dental. But this is what we do; otherwise he would probably have been put down.

Frosty's Progress- Video 1 Video 2

So we now have a great gap in funds to cover his surgery and aftercare. We have had some wonderful supporters step up, but we are still short covering his medical bills.  Would you like to join Team Frosty? A fundraising page has been set up for him. No amount is too small and every donation adds up.

Click here to donate to Frosty’s Medical Fund

We ask that you share with all your friends and contacts so we can continue helping our special fur kids. This fund-raiser will also help Tara, a 7 years old, Blind Schnauzer who was pulled on Saturday from Miami/Dade Shelter and is in Winterhaven, FL by “Team Tara”. Tara has some other health issues as well, but hopefully none of them major, all caused by total neglect!!! They can all be easily fixed with a little TLC and the right medical attention, for instance for her infected ears, which have to be so painful, and her broken teeth. She will be headed to our rescue veterinarian in Winterhaven Monday morning.

  Our rescue relies on the generosity of our supporters.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue organization founded in 2004.  We just recently celebrated 10 years as a rescue and have rescued over 1300 pups.  We are dedicated to saving the lives of Schnauzers and Schnauzer mixes.  Based out of Ohio, we have grown and branched out into several other states DE, KY, IN, PA, WV, MO, FL, AL,TN. 

Many of our members and supporters have already made generous donations - but the medical fund is still dangerously low. We ask that you share with all your friends and contacts so we can continue helping our special fur kids.

Click here to donate to Frosty’s Medical Fund

If you would prefer to donate via snail mail -  Monetary Donations can be sent to:
Pat Miller - Group Director
Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati/Florida

5811 Red Fox Drive
Winter Haven, FL 33884