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Owen 03-17 Corgi Pomeranian Mix • Adult • Male • Small


Meet Owen! Owen is a Corgi Pomeranian mix about 4 years old. He is house broken.  He is very respectful and quiet in the home He has a calm disposition, yet perky and playful. He can be a little shy and timid at first, however quickly warms up. Don’t let those cute short Corgi legs fool you, he enjoys running and exploring, and chasing squirrels in the back yard. Therefore he would prefer a fenced back yard. He comes happily when called from the back yard. He prefers not to be picked up. And at times likes to find a quiet moment burrowed under the bed (probably the Corgi in him). He is very attentive and appreciative of his current home and wants to please you. In the evening he enjoys curling up on the couch with you. If this sounds like the little guy for you, don’t hesitate to make him a fur-ever home.

My adoption fee is $450.
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Sophia 12-73 Schnauzer • Senior • Female • Small • Special Needs

Hi I’m Sophia. I’m a sweet loving 13 yr young Miniature Schnauzer. I came from a great home. My mom had me since I was 8 weeks old. Unfortunately because of her health she was not able to take care of my any longer. I love to play, and get so excited when I see my leash. I love going on walks and playing in the yard. I currently live with a great foster family. I have 2 other foster paw sisters and 1 kitty brother. We all get along and respect each other. I havie some urinary incontinence issues but am improving! Not housebroken. I am crate trained, spayed, microchipped, UTD on shots!

My adoption fee is only $250.

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Hunter 04-19 Schnauzer • Adult • Male • Small • Special Needs

My name is HUNTER – I am a 10 year-old miniature schnauzer – without the schnauzer haircut. But, my foster mom says I’m a handsome dude – even without it! I have just been recently diagnosed with diabetes. I am now on a special food diet and 2 shots of insulin a day. That’s it – that’s all you have to do to keep me happy and healthy! It’s as easy as that!
My foster mom say... HUNTER is a kind, sweet, and affectionate gentleman. He is a home surrender and very well socialized and laid back. He is very happy hanging out on the sofa with his people – and loves to go for walks and car rides. He gets along well with the other dogs (and cats) in the house – he barks at the cats but never really bothers them. He needs a fenced yard – and extra potty breaks. Diabetes makes him drink more – and, of course, need to go more. If you have a doggy door to the yard that would be awesome! He’s not much of a barker, but he will let you know when he sees or hears something near his home!
HUNTER is in a foster home in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is microchipped, neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations. He is heartworm negative and current on preventatives.
If you are looking for a new fur kid send in an adoption application with HUNTER’s name on it. You will be glad you did!

His adoption fee is only $225.

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Chewy 10-58 Schnauzer • Senior • Male • Small • Special Needs

Hi, my name is Chewy! I’m 12 years old, and love my new foster family! My story is short... I had a good home most of my life, but my family had to move far away and couldn’t take me with them. I was put in a shelter, and not doing well. I was very sad! Fortunately Schnauzer Rescue me from the shelter. I visited the doggy doctor, got a grooming, and bath. I had a dental, and had six teeth remove. Boy! Do I feel better! I run and play with my three sister’s. I love the fenced yard, and watching TV. My favorite channel is “Animal Planet”! Every time wild animals run across I get excited and bark at them! I’m a happy boy!
I do have a little problem, I have a little arthritis in my back, and a little incontinence. So I wear a belly band and everything is good! I am also, hard of hearing.
I’m U-T-D on all my shots, and microchipped. I would do best with someone that works from home, or is retired. A fenced yard would be great! No small kids please. I get along with other dogs, and love to sleep with my foster Mom! I’m being foster in St. Louis, Mo by Sherry.

See me in action!

My adoption fee is only $200.

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FeFe 06-25 – Has Been Adopted!!! Schnauzer • Adult • Female • Small

Hi there... my name is FeFe and I am a 7 year old, 13 lb. mini schnauzer girl. I had been with one owner my whole life; but all she wanted me for was to have puppies. I really thought nothing would ever change for me and only dreamed of being a normal, loved, happy fur kid.

Well, my owner decided to get "out of the business" and gave me up as well as some of my friends. We all ended up with Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati and wow... now I know what happy is!

I was groomed twice to get all of the knots and tangles out of me, had a checkup with a real doctor who made me u-t-d on all shots and even gave me a microchip so I never get lost. I had my pearlies cleaned and proud to say... did not loose a single one!

My daily life now is playing with five other schnauzers and catching up on everything I have missed in my life. I know how to use the doggie doors, have no problem with steps or walking on the leash and think car trips are the best thing ever.  You better have the Windex handy as I love staring at the world outside the window!

Please consider filling out an application to adopt me and help me make a dream come true in finding my forever home where I am wanted for my love and not my puppies. Thank you!

My adoption fee is $350.

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Jax 06-26– Schnauzer • Adult • Male • Small

Hi, my name is Jax and I’m a 10-year old male miniature schnauzer. I’m a little guy only weighing about 8-9 lbs., but I have a lot of love to give! My little tail is always wagging and I’m a happy boy!

I got all my shots when I came into rescue, am on heartworm preventative, microchipped, and overall heathy. I don’t have any teeth left but don’t worry – I can eat just fine and love when it’s time for treats. My tongue sort of sticks out and my ears stick up – both in the cutest way.

I like to play with the sock monkey at my foster home – I put it in my mouth and run around with it. It’s awesome. There are two other schnauzers in the house and I get along with them great. In fact, I’m snuggling up with my foster brother on the doggie bed right now.

I like to hang out with my people, relax, and play. I walk on a leash well and the little girls next door don’t bother me. I would love it if you would consider me to be a part of your family!

I’m being fostered by Jim and Kristy in Cincinnati.

See me in action!

My adoption fee is $250.

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Winnie 06-27 – Has Been Adopted!!! Schnauzer • Adult • Female • Small

Meet Winnie…she is a beautiful gray & silver miniature schnauzer. She is 7 years old and weighs 15 pounds. She is being fostered in Indianapolis, IN.

Winnie is a home surrender due to a financial situation. Winnie is very friendly and loves attention! What girl doesn’t?? She gets along with all the dogs in her foster home and pays no attention to the cats... nothing! She is such a good girl!! She is house trained and walks well on a leash. She loves car rides and behaves herself in the car! She’s not much of a barker, but will if she needs to! She is good with older kids (8+) and would do best in a home with a fenced yard. Winnie is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She is HW negative and on preventative.

looking for a sweet little fur baby to add to the family fill out an adoption application with Winnie’s name, and someone from SRC will contact you.

Her adoption fee is $350.

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Lolly 06-28– Has Been Adopted!!! Schnauzer Mix • Adult • Female • Small

Hi all, My name is Lolly. I am 6 month old Schnauzer Mix girl, weighing 16 lbs.

I bet your wondering what’s a cute kid like me doing in rescue. Well to make a long story short,
I was pulled from the shelter as a puppy by SRC. My sister and I were dropped off at the shelter because we were to much work.

I’m a true love bug. I love my people and love attention. I have a lot of puppy energy, and would love my own yard to just run and play in. I’m a quick learner and love to please.
I have a lot to offer a new family. I am house broken, crate trained, spayed, microchipped, and utd on all shots. I’m great with kids, cats, and other dogs. I would do best in a fenced yard.

If you think your family has room and love for me, please fill out an application for Lolly.

My adoption fee is $450.

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Molly 06-29 – Has Been Adopted!!! Schnauzer • Adult • Female • Small

This is Molly. She is a 5 (almost 6) year old black and silver miniature schnauzer! She weighs 11 pounds. She is being fostered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Molly is a breeder release – she spent a lot of time in a kennel having babies. But, that is all over for her now. She is friendly and social, and her favorite place is sitting on your lap and cuddling! She gets along great with all the dogs in her foster home, and could care less about the cats! She is crate trained, house trained, and walks well on a leash. She is a tiny, quiet little thing! She travels well! She loves kids, but because of her size, she would do best in a home with older kids (8+). Molly is spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations. She is HW negative and on preventative.

Molly was just diagnosed with retinal degeneration. There is no treatment for this condition so this means that Molly will eventually be completely blind. But don’t let that deter you from considering her for adoption. She can lead a good and happy life as a blind dog. It would be great if she was in her forever home before this happens, so if you are looking for a sweet lap dog as a companion, Molly is your girl! Please fill out an adoption application with her name, and someone from SRC will contact you.

Her adoption fee is $350.

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Izzy 06-30 – Has Been Adopted!!! Schnauzer • Adult • Female • Small

Hi, my name is Izzy and I’m a 7-year old female miniature schnauzer. I am crate trained, house broken, UTD on shots, heartworm negative, and looking for my fur-ever home!

I lived with one owner all my life, but she was getting older, so her daughter needed to find another home for me. SRC took me in and I’ve been having fun at my foster home.

I am a total sweetheart! I live with three other schnauzers right now and get along with them. I do need a fenced in yard and older kids would be fine. I love to snuggle on the bed or on the couch. My fur is so soft and curly – you’ll never get tired of petting me, which is awesome. My foster parents always say how I’m such a good girl, smart, and am so well-behaved. I can even pirouette for treats and have been known to sing along when a song comes on TV! Plus, I’m pretty adorable. I will make the perfect addition to someone’s family. I can’t wait! I’m being fostered by Jim and Kristy in Cincinnati.

My adoption fee is $350.

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Marley 06-31– Schnauzer Mix • Adult • Female • Small

Hi, I’m Marley. I am a 4 year old Schnauzer mix girl with lots of love to give. Not much is known about my life before rescue, except that I had litters and litters of puppies, for some very mean people.

That life... well it’s far behind me! Now, I’m always smiling, playing with the other pups, and learning that not all people are bad. I love my foster home! I do prefer a more quiet home. I need time to slowly learn a new environment, so that I can flourish the way I have in my foster home. I enjoy playing with the other fur faces, and even like the kitty. I would do best with older kids. Little kids sometimes scare me!

If you think you could be the perfect family for me, please submit your app for Marley. Fostered by Mary in Columbus.

My adoption fee is $450.

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Tilly 07-33– Schnauzer/Terrier Mix • Puppy • Female • Medium

Hi, My name is Tilly I am a terrier mix girl weighing approximately 22 lbs.

I found myself in rescue at just 4 months old. My original owner dumped my sister & I at a local shelter, because we were to much work. Lucky for us, this shelter had a connection with SRC.
So here I am... Now 7 months old and completely vetted. I now have all my shots, spayed, microchipped, and on heart-worm prevention. I am now 100% housebroken and crate trained.
I spend my days playing with other foster pups, and enjoying the company of my foster family.
I absolutely love the foster dogs in our home, but I do not like sharing my food or bones with them.

As you can see I am a very tall girl and at this time and working on some puppy manners. Who knew counter surfing wasn’t allowed...
Mom says I am a very smart, sweet girl and someone is going to be very lucky to adopt me. I would do best In a fenced yard, with another pup.

Fostered by Amy Figgins.

My adoption fee is $450.

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Frannie 07-34 Schnauzer • Adult • Female • Small

My name is Frannie and I am a 8-9 years old mini Schnauzer girl who weighs 16 lbs. I was found all alone on a downtown street. The vet thought that most of my life I was used to have beautiful puppies and then one day, they were tired of me. I am not sure how I survived; but angels were watching over me when Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati invited me to their rescue.

Since then, I have had a checkup and now u-t-d on everything for a year, spayed, had a dental and three groomings. They found a microchip probably put in when I was a puppy; but no one cared to register me.

I am now in a foster home in Cincinnati living with five other schnauzer kids. They welcomed me with lots of sniffs!
The big yard is great and my second day I learned to master the doggie doors. My favorite place to hang out is the loveseat! I am very quiet even when all the others are barking. Walks and car rides are great fun for me.

Please consider filling out an application for me so that I can be the little queen bee of your home! Oh, did I mention that I love to give kisses! Thanks for reading my story.  Frannie

My adoption fee is only $350.

See me in action!

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Cupcake 07-35 Schnauzer • Adult • Female • Small

Hi, My name is Cupcake. I’m a 8 year old Schnauzer girl. I recently fell on some hard times, and ended up in the shelter. What a great break for this girl to catch. SRC saw me, and well... here I am!

Schnauzer Rescue has taken me in and I’m now utd on all my shots, spayed, micro-chipped, and am heartworm negative.

I am a spunky girl who loves everyone. I mostly enjoy my walks outside. I love being outside!
I’m a quick learner and love to please. I have a lot to offer a family, and if that family could be you...
Please fill out that application for me, Cupcake.

Would do best with older kids.

My adoption fee is only $350.

See me in action!

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